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searchry.com is the parent web portal for many other portals like australiasearch.org, canadasearch.org, ussearch.biz, indiasearch.org, himachalsearch.com, punjabsearch.in, citytraveldesk.com, chandigarhhelpline.com, and other upcoming projects.

Word Searchry is come from two words search + ry , seach mean search and 'ry' this two charectors are from last two charectors of 'directory'.
As name suggest searchry mean search directory. we started this project as world wide search directory. Any one can join Searchry for free of cost, definatly we have Featured and Premium Plans to meet up our expenditures. Here is something for everyone for businesses definatly a platform for promote thier services and products, but as a personal/non business account you can also join Searchry for many resons, go join and find...

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Here we come up with a choice for you to choose between these two type of accounts : Personal(non business) Account and Business Account. Each account has its own features, read and compare for better understanding. This will help you in choosing what kind of account you need to register with us.

Personal / Non Business Account

In this account type you can do any thing as individual
like wall post, reviews business etc...


Commercial / Business Account

In this account type you can promote your business with all posibilies
and wall post, reviews other business etc...